Pluralistic: Down in the (link)dumps (23 Sept 2023)

Today’s links Down in the (link)dumps: A link sundae for a fall Saturday. This day in history: 2008, 2013, 2018 Colophon: Recent publications, upcoming/recent appearances, current writing projects, current reading Down in the (link)dumps (permalink) Back when I was writing on Boing Boing, I’d slam out 10-15 blog posts every day, short hits that served as signpost and public notebook, but I rarely got into longer analysis of the sort I do daily now on Pluralistic. Both modes are very useful for organizing one’s thoughts, and indeed, they complement each other: The problem is that when you write long, synthetic essays, they crowd out the quick hits. Back in May 2022, I started including three short links with each edition of Pluralistic, in a section called “Hey look at this” (thanks to Mitch Wagner for suggesting it!): But even with that daily linkdump, I still manage to accumulate link-debt, as interesting things pile up, not rising to the level of a long blog-post, but not so disposable as to be easy to flush. When the pile gets big enough, I put out a Saturday Linkdump: All of which is to say, it’s Saturday, and I’ve got a linkdump! First up, a musical interlude. I’ve been listening to DJ Earworm’s amazing mashups since 2005 and while I’ve got dozens of tracks that shuffle in and out of my daily playlist, the one that makes me wanna get up and dance every time is “No One Takes Your Freedom,”…Pluralistic: Down in the (link)dumps (23 Sept 2023)

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