Portable console coming from Lenovo might have AR glasses

Reports of Lenovo working on a portable gaming console last week made big waves through the market. The Legion Go looks like a contender already, but another leak shows it could leapfrog the pack. Windows Report broke the story last week with multiple pictures of the upcoming device. They’re back with a follow-up report on an accessory that could make all the difference in the crowded portable console market. Lenovo is working on Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that are “specifically tweaked for gaming.” Now, multiple AR glasses are already on the market, but all have similar specifications and low refresh rates. This could mean this upcoming pair would be much better for gaming use. Lenovo looks to be working on AR glasses for its portable console Source: WindowsReport It’s worth noting that Windows Report admits it hasn’t seen confirmed specifications or a release date for the AR glasses. The outlet did find some images, though, like the one above. That clearly shows a man laying back on his couch, playing on the Legion Go portable console, and using AR glasses to do so. The virtual screen is likely going to be larger than that, as most AR glasses have a virtual 120-inch screen size. If it’s tweaked for gaming use, it might have a higher-than-60Hz refresh rate, which would be awesome. It’s most likely that the AR glasses will come as a standalone device. Perhaps Lenovo will have some bundle deals with the Legion Go, so both can be purchased…Portable console coming from Lenovo might have AR glasses

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