Rejoice, Drake! AI Barred From Winning a Grammy

Music to Our Ears The man in charge of the Recording Academy’s Grammy Awards just laid out some AI guidelines for the upcoming awards season. And though these guidelines are pretty muddled — okay, extremely muddled — he did say that the coveted awards will, for now, continue to only be handed to “human creators.” “At this point, we are going to allow AI music and content to be submitted,” Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason, Jr. told last week, “but the Grammys will only be allowed to go to human creators who have contributed creatively in the appropriate categories.” The news should delight record labels and artists such as Aubrey “Drake” Graham, who has been on a tirade to remove AI-generated music cloning his voice from music streaming services. Mason’s vaguely worded statement also highlights just how confusing the world of AI-generated music has become. Consider This And his comments aren’t exactly going to set the record straight, if you will, either. “If there’s an AI voice singing the song or AI instrumentation, we’ll consider it,” he continued. “But in a songwriting-based category, it has to have been written mostly by a human. Same goes for performance categories – only a human performer can be considered for a Grammy.” “If AI did the songwriting or created the music, that’s a different consideration,” he added. “But the Grammy will go to human creators at this point.” So, presuming we have this right: AI-facilitated music and content can be submitted, and an…Rejoice, Drake! AI Barred From Winning a Grammy

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