Remember That Guy Who Gave ChatGPT $100 to Start a Business? It Failed Miserably

We know you’ll be very shocked to hear this, but it doesn’t look like that business being “run” by OpenAI’s ChatGPT worked out. To recap, back in March, a crypto-guy-turned-AI-guy named Jackson Greathouse Fall went extremely viral when he tweeted that he would be going into business with an unusual partner: ChatGPT. Fall would prompt the OpenAI-built chatbot to sketch out a business plan with only $100 in capital to start, and Fall would serve as the bot’s right-hand human man, carrying out the plan in its entirety. It was the tweet that launched 1,000 LinkedIn posts, if you will; the project took off like wildfire in hype circles across social media channels, with hustlebros on Instagram exclaiming that Fall had gone “god mode.” (The post still resides as Fall’s pinned tweet on X-formerly-Twitter.) “I gave GPT-4 a budget of $100 and told it to make as much money as possible. I’m acting as its human liaison, buying anything it says to,” reads the viral post. “Do you think it’ll be able to make smart investments and build an online business?” Fall pondered, before prompting netizens to “follow along” as he cataloged the venture’s progress. Follow along we did, and at first, things seemed to be going somewhat decently. ChatGPT provided what seemed like a sound-enough business idea — Green Gadget Guru, a sustainable living blog called designed to bring in cash through affiliate links and ad revenue — and Fall had managed to build out a website based on the…Remember That Guy Who Gave ChatGPT $100 to Start a Business? It Failed Miserably

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