Review: Ghostrunner II–What’s more badass than a cyborg ninja?

Preorder now Ghostrunner II 4.0 $39.99 Quick Verdict: Ghostrunner II takes all the fast-paced ninja cyborg action of the original and turns it up to 11, with new upgrades, abilities, and vehicle sections to add variety in playstyle. Pros: Fast paced action moves along so well you might lose track of timeGreat upbeat soundtrackLevel design is a lot more fun this time around Cons: Controlling Jack can get a little slippery at timesMajority of story gets told during heavy action Best Buy Epic Games KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. 10/23/2023 08:15 pm GMT Playing as a badass ninja cyborg named Jack in a cyberpunk dystopian world with fast-paced action akin to a first-person version of Hotline Miami should have hooked me immediately. It sounds fantastic, right? In the case of the original Ghostrunner title, it didn’t until at least a few hours in. Thankfully, Ghostrunner II hooked me almost immediately. The gameplay skeleton of the original game is still here: tons of wall running, dashing, sliding, and dicing enemies to bits while dying a lot in the process.  However, some new elements have been added this time, like a motorbike and a wingsuit. The motorbike sections helped add a different type of action to the mix, riding quickly through tunnels and even up the sides of walls. I found them to be a welcome addition.  Also, my gripes about the first game…Review: Ghostrunner II–What’s more badass than a cyborg ninja?

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