Rumored Sony PlayStation 5 Slim appears in new video 

An alleged video of the so-called Sony PlayStation 5 Slim has surfaced online. However, the device showcased in the video looks exactly like the existing PlayStation 5 in terms of color and design.  The rumor about the PlayStation 5 Pro model in development has been running for a few months at least. However, very little is known about the PlayStation 5 Slim variant.  Sony started the trend of having a PlayStation Slim variant since the PlayStation 2. And it has been three years since the original PlayStation 5, so we’ve all been wondering whether Sony would be release a Slim variant of the PS5. The video of the PlayStation 5 Slim was leaked on X, formerly Twitter A video was leaked on X, formerly Twitter, that appears to be the new “Slim” variant of the PS5 through BwE_Dev. The video showcases the device from various angles. However, we are uncertain at the moment whether this is a new PS5 variant. The device looks pretty much the same as the existing PlayStation 5 in the video. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm its validity, so take this video with a grain of salt.  CFI-2016 PS5 Case— BwE (@BwE_Dev) August 11, 2023 Coincidentally, another leak has appeared regarding the so-called PlayStation 5 Slim from a Chinese forum called A9VG.  Like the previous leak, the Chinese forum didn’t leak a video, but they did leak a partial image of the device, which looks like a differently designed PlayStation 5. It could be…Rumored Sony PlayStation 5 Slim appears in new video 

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