Samsung delays One UI Watch 5 beta program indefinitely

Samsung recently launched a One UI 5 beta program for its Galaxy Watches, allowing Watch 4 and Watch 5 owners to try out new features ahead of the official release. The beta program was supposed to be available by the end of May. Now that it’s June 2023, it’s clear that the company has fallen behind schedule. So why the delay? The latest on the One UI Watch 5 Beta program  According to the latest report, Samsung’s operations manager in Korea has come forward and officially confirmed the One UI 5 Watch beta delay.  An official Samsung Korean Community forums post confirms this, but neither the operations manager nor the forum post provides a new timeframe. Image: KnowTechie This is particularly worrying for current Galaxy Watch owners, who are eagerly looking forward to trying out the new features through the beta program. Right now, it seems doubtful that Samsung will launch the beta program before the official Galaxy Watch 6 release. Still, the Galaxy Watch 6 is rumored to debut on July 26th, and the company likely plans to launch the updated One UI alongside the new watch. So, the wait won’t be too long. In the best-case scenario, Samsung will delay the beta launch for a few weeks. But don’t get too excited, as the beta program probably won’t be available in most countries. Additionally, It is safe to assume Samsung’s home country, Korea, will be the first to get the beta program. However, we have to wait and…Samsung delays One UI Watch 5 beta program indefinitely

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