Samsung Galaxy S23 FE gets puzzling price hike at retail launch

It hasn’t even been a month since Samsung launched its premium-budget Android smartphone, the Galaxy S23 FE.  After skipping a year, the Korean tech giant launched the Galaxy S23 FE on October 4th, the same day as Google’s Pixel 8 announcement.  The company’s new budget king officially went on sale yesterday, October 26th. But there’s an issue with its price.  According to the official announcement, the smartphone was supposed to go on sale with a $600 price tag. However, the company’s official store page now shows a higher price tag of $630.  What’s happening with the Galaxy S23 FE’s price?  Credits: Samsung Near the beginning of October, Samsung launched the Galaxy S23 FE smartphone alongside the Galaxy Buds FE and the Galaxy Tab S9 FE. The S23 FE doesn’t sport flagship hardware like the base model Galaxy S23 but came with a relatively lower price tag of $600.  However, it seems that’s not the case. On Samsung’s store page, the Galaxy S23 FE is listed with a price tag of $630 for the 128GB model.  The folks at Digital Trends first spotted this anomaly, and it seems the Korean company may have raised the handset’s price by $30 at the last minute.  It means if you can put together $70 more, you can get the Google Pixel 8, which features considerably better hardware and new AI features.  Samsung also hadn’t revealed the price of the 256GB variant, but now it is listed with a $690 price tag.  Unfortunately, things only…Samsung Galaxy S23 FE gets puzzling price hike at retail launch

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