Samsung Galaxy Watch doesn’t work on tattooed wrists?

Samsung uses a BioActive sensor on its Galaxy Watches to track health data and fitness activities accurately. It’s an advanced sensor; however, it’s having trouble doing the same for users with write tattoos.  Apparently, the issue is the same across the board with all the other smartwatch brands. The ink on the wrist prevents the Galaxy Watch from sensing the user’s wrist. There are even cases when features like wearing detection fail to work.   The ink from the tattoos is confusing the sensors, which can also lead to other issues. What is most concerning is that the issue is not limited to Galaxy Watches. READ MORE: ASUS Zenfone 10 sneak peek reveals surprising compact design Even Apple Watch users face the same problems. But the silver lining is Samsung is working on a solution.  Samsung is working on a Galaxy Watch update for tattooed people  Image: KnowTechie The Samsung Community moderator in charge of the Galaxy Wear app recently posted a user reply on the official forums. The moderator explained that Samsung is working on a feature to improve wearing detection for tattooed people.  READ MORE: Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 waterproof? Additionally, the moderator explained the said update would be released sometime in the second half of 2023. This vague release window indicates the new feature could be a part of Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch based on Google’s Wear OS 4.  Samsung is expected to release the One UI 5 Watch with the Galaxy Watch 6 series at…Samsung Galaxy Watch doesn’t work on tattooed wrists?

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