Samsung’s new video teases Galaxy S24 series camera features

Samsung has recently posted a video showcasing cool camera tricks coming to its smartphones featuring 200MP cameras and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile chipset.  This particular revelation also proves that we can expect these features in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, especially on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.  New Zoom Anyplace feature for the Galaxy S24 Based on the video, one of the new camera features coming to the Galaxy S24 series is ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace.  According to Samsung, this technology is specially developed for the 200MP sensors, which are also powered by the company’s own AI tracking technology and Qualcomm’s AI engine on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. As the name suggests, the Zoom Anyplace feature can zoom automatically while tracking the subject in a video while simultaneously capturing full-frame zoomed-out footage of the entire scene. Translation — you are getting two 4K views from a single camera. The first is zoomed in, and the second is zoomed out. The feature also works at 2x and 4x zoom. Samsung further claims the colors and video angle also remain similar for both zoomed-in and zoomed-out views while staying completely focused on the subject.  In addition to Zoom Anyplace, the company has also introduced the new E2E AI Remosaic technology, which promises to reduce the image processing time while simultaneously improving image quality. According to the company, the E2E AI Remosaic tech makes image processing two times faster.  Things are shaping up quite nicely for Samsung’s next flagship series, which we…Samsung’s new video teases Galaxy S24 series camera features

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