Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch beta is finally live

Last month, Samsung delayed the One UI 5 Watch beta launch for unforeseen reasons, but the company forgot to mention a new release date. As a quick refresher, One UI 5 Watch is an update for Galaxy Watches that brings new features and improvements like enhancing sleep tracking and other health-focused quality-of-life improvements. Additionally, One UI 5 provides users with a more personalized experience, allowing them to tailor their devices according to their preferences Samsung anticipated waiting a few weeks before launching the beta program, but surprisingly, they released it sooner than expected. Image: KnowTechie The One UI 5 Watch beta launch  Samsung rolled out the One UI 5 Watch beta program this week. And now, Galaxy Watch users can test the new software, as the company didn’t keep beta testers waiting too long. There was no official announcement, but users noticed the beta’s availability on Samsung’s Community forum, which indicates the program is available to both Watch 4 and Watch 5 users. Image: KnowTechie The update is approximately 1.7 GB in size. Users should access the Members App and then check for updates to join the program. Moreover, Samsung shared information regarding the One UI 5 Watch’s new features. Some of the new features include Enhanced sleep coaching and SOS functionality. Additionally, a new personalized heart rate zone has been added. However, beta users have pointed out more improvements, like improved universal gestures and timer support. Users can now set an entire photo album as wallpaper.  Image: KnowTechie Unfortunately,…Samsung’s One UI 5 Watch beta is finally live

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