Snapchat flips the switch to dark mode on Android for free

Snapchat has finally introduced the long-awaited Dark Mode for Android users that is not hidden behind a paywall.  Microsoft was the first company to introduce the fan favorite “Dark Mode” through a Windows 10 update back in 2016. It was an immediate hit and so much so that Apple had to follow it up with the same feature on the macOS Mojave in 2018.  After that, Android and iOS both introduced Dark Mode in 2019, and several applications began integrating Dark Mode, including Snapchat.  That said, the app introduced Dark Mode back in 2021. However, it was a half-hearted integration. While iOS users got it for free, the option was locked behind a paywall on Android, bundled with the $4/month Snapchat+ subscription, and that is about to change.  Snapchat finally tore down its paywall! For years, Snapchat users have asked, “Why Android users only?” And why shouldn’t they? iOS users have had access to the same feature since 2021, for free.  Users even discovered a few workarounds to use Dark Mode without paying, like focusing the system’s dark mode scheme on multiple applications. However, they don’t have to jump through these hoops anymore. The company has finally decided to remove the Android paywall for dark mode. Long due provided by @Snapchat. Dark mode gets an official roll out on Android (without premium).— Shubham (@imaashish_) August 7, 2023 Shubham’s post shows there’s an option to choose between “Always light” and “Always dark.” And Snapchat users will receive it via an app…Snapchat flips the switch to dark mode on Android for free

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