Someone dropped a Z Fold 6 leak before July’s Z Fold 5 launch

Samsung is gearing up for its upcoming Unpacked event in July, where it will unveil devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and others. People are excited about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 this year. Although Samsung was a leader in foldable phones, other companies have now released impressive models too. So now, everyone is eager to see if Samsung can keep up or if they’ll fall behind in the foldable phone market. We’re expecting a new iteration of the Z Fold 5 with a slimmer design and thinner hinge. Amidst all this anticipation, there’s been an unexpected leak about the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Sure, it might seem a bit early for rumors, but hey, new info is always good to have, even if it’s a mixed bag of good and bad news. Let’s start with some positive updates: according to leaker Revegnus’ tweet, Samsung plans to change its foldable display aspect ratio with the Galaxy Z Fold 6. The disappointing aspect of the Fold 6 is that it uses the same image sensor as the Fold 5.The major update of the Fold 6 is the change in the aspect ratio of the external display.— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) June 20, 2023 This seems beneficial as Samsung adopted a new aspect ratio (23.1:9) with its Galaxy Z Fold 4. This slimmer design made handling and using these devices somewhat challenging despite enhancing web browsing experiences due to extended screen space. The tipster didn’t reveal what this new aspect ratio would be, but we anticipate something…Someone dropped a Z Fold 6 leak before July’s Z Fold 5 launch

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