Space Force Gets Scared, Pauses All Use of Generative AI

Space Bots The brave Guardians of Space Force, the American military unit created to protect us feeble terrestrial Americans from various space-related threats, has announced a new and Earthly foe: generative AI. As Bloomberg reports, Space Force leaders have forbidden their Guardians — the unfortunate name given to the military branch’s members — from using generative AI tools like ChatGPT on government devices, arguing that the web-based AI tools present security risks, among other concerns. In an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg, Space Force chief technology and innovation officer Linda Costa reportedly told Guardians that while generative AI “will undoubtedly revolutionize our workforce and enhance Guardian’s ability to operate at speed,” she emphasized that the tech must be integrated responsibly. Which, at least for now, seems to mean abstaining from using generative AI tools at all, with Costa citing “concerns over cybersecurity, data handling, and procurement requirement” in the September 29 memo, according to Bloomberg. Angry Guy Costa’s reservations, particularly her concerns regarding sensitive US military data, are fair. When we use products like ChatGPT, our interactions are swallowed up into the ever-data-hungry models, stored and saved for training purposes; thus, if a Space Force Guardian were to, say, ask ChatGPT to drum up a report embedded with sensitive government information, said sensitive data could get vacuumed into OpenAI’s system and out of the department’s control. Our glorious Space Force also isn’t the only prominent entity to ban generative AI. Companies including Apple and Verizon have prohibited the tech from…Space Force Gets Scared, Pauses All Use of Generative AI

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