Stuck on a specific Wordle? These tools will help

One of the biggest internet crazes for 2022 was Wordle. It’s a deceptively simple game, where the end goal is to solve a five-letter word in six tries. Those tries are part vocabulary retention part statistics on letter frequency, but they’re all good fun. Unlike some trending puzzle games, Wordle is still as popular today, thanks to being bought by The New York Times. Everyone in the world gets the same Wordle, and you can only try solving it once. Once the next day dawns, a new Wordle appears, ready for a new challenger. If you are having a hard time with a puzzle, or simply want to play more Wordle each day, we found six free tools that will help you on your way to becoming a Wordle master. Wordle Helper Screenshot: Wordle Helper On those days when you don’t want to puzzle through, Wordle Helper is going to be your best friend. The program uses statistical analysis of letter frequency to give you a huge helping hand. READ MORE: Wordlebot will let you know how bad you are at Wordle Hit the green Run button at the top-right of the window and wait for the program to load up. Then type start() and hit enter. Type in one of the starter words into the Wordle site (or choose your own five-letter starter). Then type the word you chose into the Wordle Helper window, and then tell the program which color arrangement the Wordle site showed. Within a few…Stuck on a specific Wordle? These tools will help

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