The Moto Razr’s India launch hints at US pricing

Last week, Motorola launched the Razr 2023 series in the United States. The new Moto Razr series consists of two devices, the standard Moto Razr and a premium Moto Razr Plus.  While the price of the standard variant remains a mystery, the premium Moto Razr Plus comes with a $999 price tag in the US. However, Motorola has just launched flip phones in India, revealing the Indian pricing and hinting at what to expect for the standard variant in the US. A hint at Moto Razr 40 US pricing  Image: KnowTechie In India, Motorola launched the Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra, with the latter being named “Ultra” outside the United States.  Based on the Indian pricing, the standard Moto Razr 40 starts at INR 59,999 (approximately $732), while the premium Moto Razr 40 Ultra has a starting price of INR 89,999 (approximately $1098). The pricing provides us with a rough estimate of what to expect for the standard model Moto Razr 40 in the United States. The starting price of the Moto Razr 40 Plus/Ultra in the US is $999, which is lower than the Indian price of $1,098. So, if we follow the same rule, the starting price for the standard Razr 40 in the US could be around $649 or $699, considering the higher Indian price of $732. However, this is purely speculation, and Motorola could go in the opposite direction and charge $750 or $800 for the standard Razr 40. That said, Motorola previously told journalists…The Moto Razr’s India launch hints at US pricing

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