The Newchip Startup Accelerator Is Burning To Death

I’ve been at Push ROI for over eight years, but every few years I kick a few tires in consideration of a career change. Last year I applied for a job at Newchip, an Austin, TX-based startup accelerator. The application process led me to believe I’d end up writing about a scam. I wasn’t a scam, at least not clearly, but the company was in a state of chaos from mismanagement. This Austin accelerator made big claims; employees and customers say it didn’t deliver Newchip initially started out, according to Silicon Hills News, “as an aggregator of top deals from various equity-based crowdfunding platforms,” and later evolved into its current accelerator model. In his LinkedIn profile, Ryan describes Newchip as an entity that provides “entrepreneurs with all of the skills and tools necessary to build, scale, and fund their startups from launch to exit” via its “online global accelerator and venture fund.”Mary Ann Azevedo and Christine Hall, May 19, 2023, The post The Newchip Startup Accelerator Is Burning To Death appeared first on Mason Pelt.The Newchip Startup Accelerator Is Burning To Death

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