The Nothing Phone 2 is showcased from every angle in new video

Carl Pei is adapting multiple different marketing hacks for the Nothing Phone 2, and it’s working. Just a day ago, Pei posted a few unedited snaps from his Nothing Phone 2 and urged others who have received the sample device to do the same, lifting the current embargo.  As a result, Carl’s Twitter feed flooded with several photos snapped with the Nothing Phone 2. But it didn’t end there. Today, the popular tech Youtuber Marques Brownlee-aka MKBHD, has posted a new segment of his Dope Tech series where the famed Youtuber shows the Nothing Phone 2. Especially focusing on the new Glyph layout.  A closer look at the Nothing Phone 2 In the video, MKBHD mostly showcases the back of the smartphone, focusing only on the Glyph layout in detail due to the embargo. Still, it’s more than what we had. And the first thing we noticed in the video is the color of the new Nothing phone. The black color from last year now has a Dark Gray shade, and it looks nice.  The Glyph light at the back of the phone has a completely new layout. This time around, we have more than twice as many LED zones. Last year, there were only 12 LED zones; this year, we have 33 zones providing more control over the lights. We saw the use of the additional light zones in detail last week when Nothing shared a video demonstration.  MKBHD also gave us a peek at the front of the device, and as…The Nothing Phone 2 is showcased from every angle in new video

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