The Successful Entrepreneur Business Plan (Wealthy Parent Edition)

Goal: Start a restaurant, maybe something having to do with food trucks or comic books. Differentiator: Access to capital. The Plan Comprised of three sections this plan will address, funding, locations, and operations. Please note the value add strategies sprinkled throughout this plan. Funding: Get my mom to invest cash. Unfortunately she won’t invest enough to reach escape velocity, however the interest free, equity free loan offers a solid foundation for growth. Location: Negotiate a sweetheart lease with dad in one of his commercial properties. Value add strategy: Explain to dad that his ex-wife is my investor thus creating social pressure making it difficult for him to charge the full cost of rent we negotiated until business operations are profitable. Operations: I believe chasing dopamine is the most effective operational plan. However I’ve outlined the first 18 months as follows. By the end of 24 months I should be earning $2 million a month. Months 1-6: Preparation and validation of my ideas. I think people will drive about an hour each way to buy from me, and I need to find industry experts who agree with me or validate that assumption to maintain access to capital via existing investors. Months 7: Begin marketing by running ads exclusively in a city 45 miles from my location. Value add strategy: Sort of poison my investor’s cat to remind them of my great power, and/or that I am helpless and would die without financial support, however I may still flourish with more money…The Successful Entrepreneur Business Plan (Wealthy Parent Edition)

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