The wait for the iPhone 15 Pro Max could stretch into October

Apple, known for its dramatic product launches, is at it again. This time, the much-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra, or whatever they’re calling it) might be fashionably late to its debut. An anonymous 9to5Mac source suggests we might be looking at an October release instead of the usual late September launch. But don’t start hyperventilating into your Apple-branded paper bag just yet. Apple’s annual September event is still on track. We expect the entire iPhone 15 lineup, including the basic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. However, the show’s star, the Pro Max/Ultra, might make us wait a little longer. The reason for this delay? A shortage of camera parts. Sony, Apple’s long-time collaborator, is reportedly lagging in producing the periscope telephoto camera, a rumored exclusive for the Pro Max/Ultra. This isn’t just any camera, folks. It’s expected to take the iPhone’s zoom capabilities from “meh” to “wow,” potentially allowing for up to 10x optical zoom. This isn’t the first time an iPhone has played hard to get. Last year, the iPhone 14 Plus also made a late entrance. So, while we’re all eager to get our hands on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, we might need to practice a bit of patience. Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s delay be worth the wait? Despite the potential delay, the iPhone 15 series is set to strut its stuff on September 12. With rumored features like the Action button, 3-nanometer A17 Bionic chipset on the Pro models,…The wait for the iPhone 15 Pro Max could stretch into October

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