Tweetdeck is now pay-to-play

TweetDeck, that handy tool we’ve all been using for free, has been gussied up, rebranded as X Pro, and slapped with a price tag. No more enjoying multiple feeds in real-time without reaching for your wallet. And who do we have to thank for this? None other than billionaire boy-man wonder Elon Musk, who, after buying Twitter for $44 billion, decided to turn X into a cash cow, milking us for all we’re worth. Starting Wednesday, if you want to keep using X Pro, you’re going to have to cough up $84 a year for the privilege. But don’t worry; they’re throwing in some “perks” to sweeten the deal. Image: KnowTechie Here’s what you get with an X Premium membership: a verified blue checkmark on your account, priority in replies and searches, access to longer posts, and fewer ads. Wow, sign me up. Let’s not forget, though, the comedy of errors that was the launch of X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue. It was pulled almost immediately after launch due to a flood of users impersonating celebs and popular brands. In the meantime, Musk has been playing puppet master, cutting jobs and introducing new features and policy changes faster than you can say, “What happened to Twitter?” Image: KnnowTechie And then there’s the rebranding, which saw Twitter’s iconic bird logo replaced with… well, X. It’s a sad day when a platform we’ve grown to love (or at least tolerate) decides to bleed us dry in the name of ‘progress.’…Tweetdeck is now pay-to-play

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