Twitter verification shenanigans: gold edition

because shades of orange are now totally real organizationsTwitter recently rolled out a new verification feature for organizations, which bestows a gold checkmark on an organization’s primary Twitter account and additionally grants the organization the ability to verify affiliated accounts, which receive both a Twitter checkmark and an organization-specific affiliate badge. As with the $8 Twitter Blue verification system, the launch of organizational verification has not been without hitches — on one occasion, a gold checkmark was bestowed upon a fake Disney Junior account, for example. More recently, an account with the handle @thisisorange and the biography “proof of #bitcoin” was granted a gold verified organization checkmark by Twitter. The sole evidence of the existence of the “organization” in question is the website linked in @thisisorange’s profile,, which was registered just two weeks ago.the mark of legitimacy: a domain name that was registered two weeks agothis is certainly a novel use of Twitter’s verified organization featureThe website offers the option for anyone with a Twitter account to become an affiliate of the “organization” simply by providing a Twitter handle and connecting a cryptocurrency wallet. Scrolling through the @thisisorange account’s Affiliates tab reveals that the account has racked up a massive number of affiliates, all sporting blue checkmarks and orange square affiliate badges. Almost all of these affiliates appear to be cryptocurrency/NFT-themed accounts. According to a June 3rd, 2023 tweet from @thisisorange, the total number of affiliate accounts exceeds 25000.Although the website is only two weeks old, the…Twitter verification shenanigans: gold edition

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