Twitter X Premium rumored to split into 3 new tiers

Elon Musk’s X platform, formerly known as Twitter, is introducing new tiers to its premium subscription service. This comes as part of Musk’s grand vision to transform the social network into a mega-app encompassing not just social interactions but calls, payments, and more. According to researcher and developer @aaronp613, somewhere in Twitter’s code reveals there are hints about the company‚Äôs plans for its upcoming subscription service. X Premium will be broken up into 3 tiers: Premium Basic – Full AdsPremium Standard – Half AdsPremium Plus – No Ads— Aaron (@aaronp613) October 5, 2023 The new X Premium tiers – Basic, Standard, and Plus – seem to be Musk’s answer to monetizing the platform while offering varying levels of ad exposure. The Basic tier will still display regular ads, while the Standard tier promises fewer ads. The Plus tier, however, offers an ad-free experience but at a higher price. It is yet unclear how much the new tiers will cost and to which tier current subscribers will be migrated. A current Twitter X Premium subscription costs $8 per month or $84 per year, with prices higher on the App Store and Google Play Store due to commissions. This development has sparked a debate among users, with some appreciating the option to customize their ad exposure and others decrying what they see as a squeeze on users for more revenue. A Floodgate Opened? This was my whole argument when Twitter blue first came out. Anytime a subscription service is introduced, it…Twitter X Premium rumored to split into 3 new tiers

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