Venture Capital Firm Releases Instructions for Creating AI Girlfriend

Build-a-Bot Another day, another step closer to the normalization of build-your-own AI chatbot partners. Per Decrypt, top-shelf Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz last week took to the developer site GitHub to lay out detailed instructions on how to build an AI companion bot from scratch. The VC outfit has a lot of money in various AI ventures, the billion-dollar AI companion startup Character.AI included; now, it seems that the folks at the firm are so enthusiastic about companion bots that they’re encouraging curious developers out there to start DIYing versions for themselves — and among several other potential use cases, it feels notable that romantic partnership was listed as use case number one. “There are many possible use cases for these companions — romantic (AI girlfriends / boyfriends), friendship, entertainment, coaching, etc,” reads the description, noting elsewhere that the “project is purely intended to be a developer tutorial and starter stack for those curious on how chatbots are built.” So it’s like Build-a-Bear, but if said bear was a bespoke AI lover, pal, or otherwise. And if, of course, the supplier of the Build-a-Bear materials happened to be one of Silicon Valley’s top VC firms, which itself happened to have untold sums invested into a buzzy AI companion startup. Hierarchy of Emotions Seriously, the Andreessen Horowitz obsession with bringing AI companion bots mainstream is no joke. In a May blog post about the tech, firm partner Connie Chan even introduces a graphic dubbed the “Hierarchy of Emotions Mapped to…Venture Capital Firm Releases Instructions for Creating AI Girlfriend

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