War, stock photos, and breaking news

if at first you don’t succeed, try again with yet another fake accountIn July 2022, an allegedly New York-based pro-Russia Twitter account by the name of @marymodestus began tweeting “breaking news” regarding the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, accompanied by photographs and videos. The images used by this account as part of its coverage were often misrepresented or altered, however, and the “news” inaccurate or unverifiable. Although Twitter suspended the @marymodestus account in October 2022, this did not put an end to things. The operator of the account quickly returned as @marymodestus1 and @marymodestus2, and continued to create additional accounts despite multiple suspensions. As of the time of this writing, whoever is running these accounts has created at least nine Twitter accounts and one TikTok account, and this is likely an underestimate in terms of both the number of accounts and the number of platforms.unless time travel is involved, this photo was not taken in Kherson in 2022another photo that was taken prior to 2022 and therefore is not from the current Russian invasion of Ukraineunless this rocket takes several years to reach its target, this photo is also not from the current Russian invasion of UkraineMany of the posts from the @marymodestus account and its successors feature old photographs falsely portrayed as images from the current war in Ukraine. For example, an image of a burning tank supposedly taken in Kherson in 2022 has been floating around the Internet since September 2016, a photo allegedly depicting Russian soldiers in…War, stock photos, and breaking news

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