Watchmakers Blancpain and Swatch release new dive watches

When the Swatch Group first announced the Moonswatch–a clone of the Omega Speedmaster that came in colors coded to the planets of our solar system–it looked like they were done dabbling in disposable plastic watches. Now, however, another brand under the Swatch Group umbrella, Blancpain, has released its own homage to the first dive watch, the Blancpain 50 Fathoms. The new watch is nicknamed the Sistem51 Fathoms and uses a simplified mechanical movement to recreate the smooth-running hands of the Blancpain original. The watches will be available in multiple colors, each one associated with an Ocean – the Arctic Ocean is a rich burnt umber, while the Atlantic is a cool blue. Blancpain is hoping the Swatch name will help sales Source: Swatch The Moonswatch launched to much hype and excitement. Swatch, long purveyors of cheap fashion watches, hadn’t had a real hit in decades, and the collab turned sleepy Swatch stores into must-visit locations worldwide. Tiny stores in major cities that saw a modicum of foot traffic were suddenly managing massive lines. These watches are made of what the Swatch Group calls bioceramic, aka plastic, and the movement is entirely mechanical, which means the second’s hand moves smoothly around the face. The watches hearken back to the original 50 Fathoms watch, which is known as the first dive watch. Each will cost $400 and will be sold only in Swatch stores. Swatch x Blancpain Each celebrating an Ocean, these Blancpain X Swatch dive watches honor the first true diver’s…Watchmakers Blancpain and Swatch release new dive watches

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