WhatsApp for Android finally gets Passkey support

WhatsApp has been bringing several changes for the past few months to enhance the user experience and increase the app’s portfolio. The latest one is support for Passkeys. In recent months, the popular Android instant messaging application has rolled out multiple new features, including the Screen Sharing feature, enabling the platform to compete with professional video calling apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  In addition, we also reported the company is testing passkey support for the platform, and now, WhatsApp has officially unveiled the feature on its X (formerly Twitter) page.  Android users can easily and securely log back in with passkeys 🔑 only your face, finger print, or pin unlocks your WhatsApp account pic.twitter.com/In3OaWKqhy— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) October 16, 2023 Passkey is now available with the latest build of WhatsApp for Android  Passkey is a new, more secure way to log in. And Passkey is not only more secure, it’s also convenient, as Android users won’t have to use a password. They can simply use one of their passkeys through face, fingerprint, or PIN authentication. Passkeys are considered a more secure alternative to passwords as it eliminates the necessity to store passwords on the device. What that means is passwords are less likely to be stolen.  Passkeys also deliver multifactor authentication in a single step, so there’s no need for passwords or OTPs.  Google has always been a prime advocate for Passkeys and has made them the default solution for signing into personal Google accounts, and it’s good to see that…WhatsApp for Android finally gets Passkey support

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