WhatsApp makes its debut on WearOS 3 smartwatches

First announced at Google I/O in May, Meta launched WhatsApp for WearOS. If you’re sporting a WearOS 3 smartwatch, you can enjoy the app immediately. It’s the same WhatsApp we have experienced on our smartphones. However, with WearOS smartwatches, you can kick off chats, respond to messages, and even answer calls with a simple tap. Quite a feat, don’t you think? Users can reply with voice notes, emojis, text, or quick responses. And if you’re rocking an LTE Wear OS 3 watch, you can respond to messages without your smartphone. Now that’s convenient! However, we also have to appreciate the timing of this launch. The Galaxy Unpacked event is soon upon us, where Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Watch 6 and, according to the leaks, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.  Source: Meta So, it is likely that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 series will be the first WearOS smartwatch to receive the WearOS 4 upgrade. It’s similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, which was the first to debut the WearOS 3.  The timing also works in Samsung’s favor with the Unpacked event coming. The launch of WhatsApp on WearOS has stirred up excitement, making the platform more attractive to over 2 billion WhatsApp enthusiasts. Plus, it gives Meta a boost in broadening its wearable offerings on a well-known platform. It also favors Google’s push to improve WearOS’s third-party app ecosystem. So, the way we see it, it’s a win for every party involved.  Have any thoughts on…WhatsApp makes its debut on WearOS 3 smartwatches

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