WhatsApp screen-sharing feature is officially rolling out to all users

WhatsApp is one of Android’s best instant messaging apps, and Meta continues to make it even better with new features.   Just over a month ago, we reported about WhatsApp’s new screen-sharing feature introduced in a beta version on Android. At that time, the feature was in a testing phase, with the likely possibility of an official rollout soon.  It seems that time has finally arrived, as the company has announced that screen-sharing during video calls is now rolling out to all users. WhatsApp screen-sharing feature is rolling out on multiple platforms Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, announced on Tuesday that WhatsApp users can now share their screen during a video call on WhatsApp.  The announcement showcased WhatsApp’s new feature in landscape mode. Currently, the feature is rolling out on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, and the rollout process will likely be executed in a few stages.  Source: Facebook At the moment, WhatsApp screen-sharing is already on Android and Windows platforms. If you are an Android user, you can share your screen by tapping the screen share icon visible during a video call. Desktop users get the option to screen share specific apps or specific monitors. With this simple addition, WhatsApp is now taking on the likes of Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. WhatsApp benefits from its large user base, especially in India and Southeast Asia, where many smaller businesses and startups rely on it for team communication. Basically, WhatsApp screen-sharing potentially eliminates the reliance on typical video-calling apps. While it is…WhatsApp screen-sharing feature is officially rolling out to all users

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