Why Google Search Sucks And A Tribute To Neil Gaiman

Google grants access to information kings didn’t have 50 years before. I have consumed so much content, books, podcasts, movies, articles, songs, and possibly the Ph.D. thesis of a woman from Chesapeake. I cannot remember it all. Like most, I’ll occasionally use Google to find a specific but only half-recalled crumb of content. Increasingly I use services other than Google because Google sucks as a search engine. No, Grammarly, I don’t mean “Google search could be better.” Google search is worse than it was three years ago.1 People Google Search In Two Ways People use Google to find general information where any credible source is acceptable. Or they use Google looking for specific results. Searching, “who is Neil Gaiman”, or “list of the endless in the Neil Gaiman series” will likely give searchers the answers they seek.  But ask with less specificity, incorrect information, and synonyms, “list of the eternals from the Marvel comics books by Neil Gaiman” and Google fails to return an answer about the DC Comics series The Sandman.  A human could justifiably struggle to answer the same question. This is a fundamental limitation of indexing an evolving glob of information. Complexities Of Indexing Growing Information You don’t need to keep an index for a few books on a nightstand. If you have no memory of one or more books, just read the dust jackets. This solution doesn’t scale. At libraries with rooms of shelves crammed with books, indexing them is a process. Library classification is complex,…Why Google Search Sucks And A Tribute To Neil Gaiman

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