Why is my Blink camera blinking red and what to do about it

You’ve set up your Blink camera, and everything seems to be fine. Then you notice one of the lights on your Blink camera blinking red. That’s alarming, but you don’t need to worry. The front LEDs are used to signal various things to you, and a Blink camera blinking red means it needs some TLC. We’ll go through what the blinking patterns mean, and what you can do about them to fix the issue. What does a Blink camera blinking red LED mean? Image: KnowTechie On most Blink cameras, a blinking red light means one of the following things. These blinking patterns are universal across the Indoor, Outdoor, XT and XT2 cameras. Red Light IndicatorMeaningRapidly flashing red light every 3 secondsCamera disconnected from Wi-Fi5 long red flashes followed by short flashes every 3 secondsCamera is booting up and connecting to Wi-Fi.Brief red flashCamera has detected motion.5 or 6 red flashes after the blue recording light goes outBatteries are low. .stk-c8a8a5f{height:26px !important} Most of the time, Blink camera blinking red is nothing to worry about, as it shows briefly when it detects movement. That’s so that anyone being recorded knows they’re under watch, as required by some locations. Anything more than a quick flash means some maintenance is necessary. That could be as simple as changing the batteries, which last about a year under normal use. It could also mean that your Wi-Fi signal isn’t stable. Check things like if your area has an internet outage, if your camera is too…Why is my Blink camera blinking red and what to do about it

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