Why the Apple Vision Pro might be a challenge to get your hands on in 2024

The Apple Vision Pro is the tech company’s long-awaited headset — officially called a “spatial computer.” The $3,499 price tag was enough to discourage many of the more casual tech enthusiasts from being among the first to buy it. However, even if you’re still interested, purchasing one could be harder than expected.  No specific release date yet When Apple officially announced the Vision Pro in June 2023, it revealed some important details about the device. For example, you can use it with prescription lenses but not while wearing your glasses. Instead, Apple will add dedicated lenses to the headset for a fee. The Vision Pro is also privacy-centric, using an iris-identification system to unlock it.  However, Apple has yet to provide the device’s exact release date. Instead, it should arrive in early 2023, beginning in the United States. Apple’s press release mentioned it would bring the Vision Pro to additional countries later that year but did not provide more details.  Image: Apple It’s also worth pointing out that many Apple products have faced delays in being announced or released — including the Vision Pro itself, which many hoped they’d officially hear about in 2022.  The lack of a precise release date could make it more challenging for some people to purchase the Apple Vision Pro when it does come out. Moreover, a delayed release date could prompt Apple’s biggest devotees to buy one. That could shut out people who are slightly less motivated.  Many announcements about the latest tech products…Why the Apple Vision Pro might be a challenge to get your hands on in 2024

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