Will your computer boot without a graphics card installed?

.stk-0139f79{background-color:#f5f5f5 !important;border-radius:3px !important;overflow:hidden !important;box-shadow:2px 6px 5px -3px rgba(86,14,93,0.9) !important;border-style:solid !important;border-color:var(–stk-global-color-56583,#911d9c) !important;border-top-width:2px !important;border-right-width:2px !important;border-bottom-width:2px !important;border-left-width:2px !important}.stk-0139f79:before{background-color:#f5f5f5 !important}.stk-0139f79 .stk-block-text__text{font-size:17px !important;font-weight:normal !important;font-family:-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,”Segoe UI”,Roboto,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif,”Apple Color Emoji”,”Segoe UI Emoji”,”Segoe UI Symbol” !important}@media screen and (max-width:1023px){.stk-0139f79 .stk-block-text__text{font-size:17px !important}}Quick Answer: Yes, a computer can boot without a graphics card installed. The graphics card is responsible for displaying the image on your monitor, but it is not essential for the basic functions of a computer. If your computer suddenly won’t boot, it’s time to troubleshoot the problem. Most guides tell you to take everything but the CPU and one memory stick out to see if it boots. That lets you rule out parts like your storage drives and more, but what if the problem is something else? What if it’s your graphics card that you suspect is giving you issues? How do you boot your computer to test that without having another graphics card on hand? Can you even boot your computer without a graphics card installed? Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie So, can a PC boot without a GPU? Short answer: Yes, but don’t expect to see anything on your monitor See, there’s a reason that your graphics card has the word ‘graphics’ in the name. It provides the signal out to your monitor, so while you can technically boot your PC without it, you won’t see anything on your screen. That might be different if your CPU has an integrated graphics card, like most Intel Core chips or AMD’s APU line. Then you have to move…Will your computer boot without a graphics card installed?

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