X (Twitter) starts rolling out voice and video-calling feature on iOS

A few months ago, Twitter/X announced its plans to introduce audio and video calling features to the platform, which is part of its ambitious plan to turn the platform into a “Super App.”  The social media platform is now rolling out the said audio and video calling feature. However, the new function is only available on the iOS platform and available through the latest update to the X app on the APP Store.  While the new voice and video calling function isn’t available on the Android platform, the details are available on the company’s how-to page for the feature, indicating that it will soon arrive.  How does the new voice and video calling function on X? The new feature enables users to execute and receive audio and video calls using the X app, which is also built into the Direct Messages, similar to what we have seen on WhatsApp and even on Instagram. In addition, you can see the incoming calls on X like regular calls, all due to the integration with iOS CallKit API.  Now, you may be wondering if this function will open doors to some unwanted stuff, like getting calls from strangers or being forced to interact with them.  Well, X has thought of everything. The app can control from whom you want to receive calls. However, you can turn it off completely if you want.  However, if you do not like the idea, the app also lets you turn off the feature – getting calls from…X (Twitter) starts rolling out voice and video-calling feature on iOS

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