Xbox 360 Store to close its doors, marking the end of an 18-year era

After a glorious 18 years in existence, Microsoft has announced that it’s pulling the plug on the Xbox 360 store. Come July 29, 2024, you won’t be able to buy any new games, expansions, or anything else on the Xbox 360 console or Marketplace.  But before you start a petition or build a shrine to your favorite 360 titles, there’s a silver lining.  Any original Xbox or Xbox 360 games and DLC that are backward compatible on the Xbox One or Series X/S will still be up for grabs on the newer consoles’ storefronts. So, you can still get your nostalgia fix, just not on the 360. And I’ve got some bad news for those of you who’ve been using your Xbox 360 as a glorified TV remote. The Microsoft Movies & TV app is also getting axed on the same date.  But it’s not much of a big deal; any content you’ve bought will stay in your library, and you can watch it on Windows 10 and 11 devices, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Now, this move isn’t entirely surprising. The last game for the 360 was released five years ago, and keeping the store open doesn’t make much business sense for Microsoft. Also, it’s 2023; cmon, we have to put this thing out to pasture already.  But it does throw a wrench in the works for game preservation. Digital-only games will be as extinct as a dodo on the 360, which is a real gut punch for…Xbox 360 Store to close its doors, marking the end of an 18-year era

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