You can now create AI images directly from Google’s search bar

Picture this: You’re mulling over the perfect Halloween table setting, but you can’t quite visualize it. Well, Google has just the solution for you. The tech giant announced on Thursday that users who have opted in for its Search Generative Experience (SGE) can now create AI images directly from the search bar. SGE, Google’s brainchild for the future of web searching, generates a response to your natural language prompt, saving you the trouble of sifting through a list of website results. Now, in its latest update, SGE returns generated images instead of generated text, thanks to the company’s Imagen text-to-picture AI. Got a hankering for “minimalist Halloween table settings” or “spooky dog house ideas”? Just type it in, and Google will create an image based on your description. You can even export these AI masterpieces to Drive or download them. Of course, there are a few ground rules. You’ll need to sign up for Google Labs and opt-in to the SGE program. Also, the new image generation functions are currently only available within the US, for English-language applications, and for users over the age of 18. In the interest of preventing misuse of generative AI technology, Google has put some restrictions in place. Users won’t be able to create photorealistic images of human faces or “notable” people. To ensure responsible use of AI, Google is implementing the SynthID system, a technology developed by DeepMind. This system labels a generated image with a visually undetectable metadata watermark. This new feature is…You can now create AI images directly from Google’s search bar

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