Your TV may soon host Netflix’s gaming service

Netflix and a growing library of games could soon be coming to a TV near you. Netflix has been pushing its Netflix Games hard in 2023. At the Games Developers Conference ’23 in San Francisco, the company announced that Ubisoft and Super Evil Megacorp would bring games to Netflix. As of writing, Netflix Games are only available on smartphones and tablets, but that might soon change, according to this Bloomberg scoop. Steve Moser, an application developer, discovered hidden code within the Netflix app that references playing games on a TV and includes mentions of controllers and phones. .stk-cb44b19 .stk-img-wrapper{filter:drop-shadow(3px 3px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.3)) !important}.stk-cb44b19 .stk-img-wrapper img{border-radius:14px !important} Moser shared his findings with Bloomberg, highlighting a line of code that reads, “Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?”. This discovery suggests that Netflix is exploring smartphone controller support for their games. Speaking to Gizmodo, Moser says that he created a custom script that can “extract details from iOS and iOS apps to help me find hidden changes that haven’t been released yet because the features are still being worked on.” Netflix wants to make games playable on every device by turning your iPhone into a controller for Netflix running on a TV. Code hidden in their iOS app: "A game on your TV needs a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?" $NFLX cloud gaming soon?— Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) March 30, 2023 A representative for Netflix declined to comment…Your TV may soon host Netflix’s gaming service

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