YouTube may soon start blocking adblockers with a timed warning

YouTube is definitely going through some changes. The company has recently implemented a new homepage that goes black if viewing history is turned off. Not only that, YouTube has also added new features to YouTube Shorts, similar to TikTok and Instagram, and hiked the prices of YouTube Premium plans.  But YouTube is not stopping there. Latest reports suggest the company is testing a new anti-adblocking feature that will disable video playback, forcing you to either disable your ad blocker or sign up for YouTube Premium. YouTube always wins? According to Search Engine Land, YouTube is currently testing a new feature, an anti-adblocking popup, and the popup works as the name suggests. It warns users that ad blockers aren’t allowed on YouTube. And the message also comes with three bullet points. The first bullet point notes the video playback is blocked. The second and the third bullet point remind the users that ads allow YouTube to be free, and you have the option to go ad-free with YouTube Premium, asking you to sign up for it.  So, whichever you choose, YouTube wins! Source: Search Engine Land In addition to these warnings, the popup also features a timer. A 30-60 second timer or a countdown clock at the top right corner shows how long the users have to act before the next ad plays. However, YouTube has provided two additional options at the bottom of the window to eliminate the popup. So, you have to either allow ads on or sign up…YouTube may soon start blocking adblockers with a timed warning

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