YouTube wants you to watch more news on its app

While most social media platforms are trying to figure out their stance on news content, YouTube is making its move. Unlike Meta, which is playing it safe and steering clear of hard news, YouTube has decided to embrace it head-on. And this is happening even when folks like Elon Musk are giving the cold shoulder to traditional “legacy” media. So, what’s YouTube’s game plan? They’re launching a new “immersive watch page experience” on mobile that’ll suggest more news content to users. Plus, they’re investing a cool $1.6 million to boost the production of news content for Shorts, their short-form video service. Here’s how it works: When you open a video marked with a newspaper icon, you’ll see a bunch of related long-form videos, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts videos. So, if you’re watching a PBS video about floods in Pakistan, YouTube will line up more videos about the same topic from major news publishers like The Associated Press, Sky News, and CBS Evening News. Initially, this feature will be available on mobile in about 40 countries, with plans to expand it to desktop and living room interfaces down the line. But YouTube’s not stopping there. They’re also committing $1.6 million to promote the creation of Shorts news content, collaborating with over 20 organizations across ten countries. All this is happening at a time when other platforms are showing reluctance to engage with traditional news content. For instance, Meta has made it clear it doesn’t plan to actively promote news content…YouTube wants you to watch more news on its app

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