A cheaper Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro could be in the works, hints leak

Google released the Nest Wi-Fi Pro only a year ago, and it immediately gained popularity among Google Nest fans because of its sleek design and amazing connectivity. However, the company is planning to launch another model of the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, which will be slightly cheaper.  A cheaper Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro variant Image: KnowTechie The detail was discovered by the folks at 9to5Google during an APK teardown. They found that the current version of Google’s Home app (version 3.4) was hiding some secrets.  The code name “Breeza” was mentioned in the underlying code, and the same code also revealed the model number GS4VD. However, before jumping to any conclusions, we need to understand that the APK teardown only hits at potential features, that Google may or may not add in the future. So it isn’t a confirmation, and we suggest taking the information with a grain of salt.  That said, the reliable news outlet has stated that the Google Home app treats Breeza “almost exactly” as it does the current Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro, which begs the question about the differences between the upcoming and the existing models.  Google ditched the Wi-Fi mesh points that used to double as Google Assistant speakers and have integrated the Wi-Fi 6E standard. That’s the primary difference between the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro and its predecessor. However, there’s no mention of Assistant speakers in the code for this potentially new version.  So it’s possible that the new “Breeza” model won’t have the mesh…A cheaper Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro could be in the works, hints leak

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