Android may finally split ringtone volume and notifications sliders

Google has confirmed a long-awaited feature that Android fans have wanted for years. Google is finally splitting up the notification and ringtone volume slider. It might seem simple. It might seem stupid. But being able to have separate sliders for your ringtone volume and your notification volume is a big deal. Since the beginning, “Ring & notification volume” has been a single slider. This means that if you want to mute the hourly telemarketer scam calls, you must also turn off any indication that you have new notifications. KnowTechie (via 9to5Google) The folks at 9to5Google reported on the feature back in December 2022 that it would be implemented in Android 13 QPR2, set for March 2023. March came, along with QPR2, and there was no slider change this time around. But the command still works in the programming, meaning it’s there. It can be seen as the ADB command “adb shell device_config put systemui volume_separate_notification true.” Google has also confirmed the feature in a comment in the issue tracker. They marked the issue as “fixed,” meaning that it will eventually see the light of day. When does Android get new volume sliders? Millennials around the world can soon rejoice! They’ll be able to turn off their phone’s ringer and still know when their favorite game’s dailies reset. But when? The feature will likely be fully available during June’s QPR3 update or potentially in Android 14. The feature still isn’t available in the QPR3 Beta or in 14 Beta 1.1. In…Android may finally split ringtone volume and notifications sliders

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