Discover YouTube Create: Google’s new AI-driven video editing tool

Google announced a beta version of YouTube Create early this week. The Mountain View company aims to simplify the video editing and production process with this new app.  This AI-powered video editing tool brings automatic captioning and other premium features for free. While it’s not the first app we’ve seen with these features, like other alternatives, including CapCut, YouTube has the power to reach its entire creator ecosystem. The new app offers a streamlined experience using AI-powered tools, available for Android in select markets. YouTube Create YouTube Create is the official editing app from the biggest video site around, packed with filters, effects, royalty-free music and AI-powered features like automatic captioning. See at Google Play KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. What does YouTube Create do differently? Image: KnowTechie/YouTube One of the most notable features of the new YouTube Create app is the ability to add automatic captions. This is huge, as captioning software is often expensive. The company obviously didn’t stop there. They have also added features such as voiceover functionality, a royalty-free music library, multiple effects and transitions, and, of course, a video editor to YouTube Create.  The rest of the features include an audio cleanup tool for eliminating background noise, the ability to resize videos for different aspect ratios, and a variety of stickers/GIFs/emojis. YouTube Shorts are getting AI features However, the company’s AI-related announcement didn’t stop there. Later this…Discover YouTube Create: Google’s new AI-driven video editing tool

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