Steam Deck 2 is coming in Valve’s own sweet time

Valve has made no secret about its intentions to create a Steam Deck 2. The portable console is insanely popular and revitalized the market, which was dominated by Nintendo. Numerous big-name brands soon released their own portable consoles capable of running PC games, like the ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go.  In 2023, the hardware of the original Steam Deck pales in comparison to the new top-tier hardware-packed handheld consoles, and we believe the time has come for the second generation console, the Steam Deck 2.  And what a coincidence, the Steam Deck’s developers also think the same. Also, unlike other console manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, they are not afraid to talk about Steam Deck 2 and the future they have planned for it.  The bad news is that Valve says a new Steam Deck may be years away.  When is the Steam Deck 2 coming?  Image: KnowTechie Steam Deck developer Pierre-Loup Griffais recently spoke to The Verge and discussed the plans for a new console. And according to the developer, 2025 is the soonest we can expect one. According to Griffais, battery life concerns are the main reason for the delay. He wants the next Steam Deck to have a performance bump without draining the battery. Here’s the full quote he furnished to The Verge: .stk-2c3e626{top:-50px !important;left:-50px !important;position:absolute !important;opacity:0.2 !important}.stk-2c3e626 .stk–svg-wrapper .stk–inner-svg svg:last-child{height:200px !important;width:200px !important} It’s important to us that the Deck offers a fixed performance target for developers, and that the message to customers is simple,…Steam Deck 2 is coming in Valve’s own sweet time

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