Google officially rolls out Nearby Share for Windows with new features 

A few months ago, Google launched Nearby Share for Windows, aiming to streamline file sharing between Windows PCs and Android devices. The feature proved to be highly beneficial, simplifying the process of transferring files between both platforms. While still in its beta, Google’s early 2023’s addition was the most significant. Google says that even during its beta stage, Nearby Share for Windows worked well enough to attract over 1.7 million users. Google’s official Nearby Share for Windows launch  Today, Nearby Share for Windows is no longer in Beta and is accessible to all users, along with two new features.  The first feature is an estimated time for completing file transfers. This new functionality shows users an approximate time for the completion of a transfer once it’s started. his helps users manage their expectations by giving them an idea of how much time they need to allocate for the transfer. Source: Google It’s pretty basic but helpful nonetheless. In addition to the transfer time, you now have an image preview with notifications. It provides a visual confirmation that your file is actually transferring.   Source: Google That being said, Google is also announcing its new partnership with HP. As a result of this partnership, multiple HP systems will come preinstalled with Nearby Share in the future. The company has at least one confirmed laptop: the HP Dragonfly Pro. We expect the rest of the systems will be announced soon.  Lastly, if you want to get started with Nearby Share for Windows, download…Google officially rolls out Nearby Share for Windows with new features 

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