Google's New Phone Adds Smiles to Your Photos Even If Everyone Was Miserable

Show Those Chompers Google is releasing a new AI-powered photo editing feature that will allow users to go back and force all sorts of facial expressions onto people in their pictures. Now, everyone in the unflattering group photo — regardless of how enthused they were about being having their picture taken at the time — can be made to beam with an algorithm’s idea of a human smile. Called “Best Take,” the feature comes equipped in Google’s new Pixel 8 Smartphone, which was released this week and retails for $699. It has one notable caveat, or perhaps saving grace: Best Take only uses faces grabbed from other similar photos taken in quick succession. So it can’t, Google claims, just swap and generate any face from any point in time, nor can it generate them from scratch. For example, if in one take you caught your friend blinking, but in another their eyes are open, Google’s tool can swap their faces into the best take — or at least the one you look the best in. Take it a few steps further and voilà: you can have everyone’s eyes wide open, smiles corrected, and tongues prudently withdrawn. Google's Best Take Feature in Action.It looks unreal #Pixel8Pro — Techwiser (@TechWiser) October 5, 2023 Hellish Happiness Does that sound convenient? Yeah, if you can stomach it. It’s basically what people have been doing with Photoshop for years, except automated. Parents will probably love it. No longer will kids be looking the other way…Google's New Phone Adds Smiles to Your Photos Even If Everyone Was Miserable

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