How To Handle Negative Feedback In Social Media Like A Pro

Ed Note: This article was written by Push ROI’s Mason Pelt, and first published in Social Media Week on May 29, 2015 prior to the Adweek acquisition. When you are running a social media page for a large brand (or even a small one that sells online), people will come to you with every kind of concern, complaint, support request and random unrelated thought of which you can think. (Winston Churchill would have liked that sentence.) As a brand, when you have comments you have to respond in some way. These are the ways I recommend to make sure you de-escalate the negative comments, answer everyone’s questions and keep the brands social page to the standards you would like. Respond to Every Concern If someone posts something negative, keep in mind the possibility that it could be true. I’m not suggesting that you test products on aliens or that your CEO thinks Sci-Fi movies are historical documentaries (It was on the History Channel… Stop mocking me.), but sometimes the customer has a valid point. An example of a harsh, but valid complaint someone left as a comment on one of my clients Facebook ad was: “It’s a scam! You give them money and they never give you [Product Name Redacted]. It’s been months and I still don’t have what I ordered. Don’t buy from this company.” For context, the ads we’d been running were working well. They were working so well that we had sold out of product–meaning that this woman had ordered and paid for her…How To Handle Negative Feedback In Social Media Like A Pro

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