iPhone 15 with USB-C means you can kiss all your cables goodbye

Well, folks, it seems like it’s finally going to happen. After years of stubborn resistance, Apple has seen the light, and rumors point to the iPhone 15 getting a USB-C charging port instead of its proprietary Lightning connector. Some may say this is no big deal, just a charging port switcheroo. But make no mistake–this is a watershed moment in Apple’s history. It’s right up there with removing the headphone jack and adding copy and paste. No, really. I mean, USB-C in 2023? Welcome to the party, Apple! Android phones have been rocking USB-C for years now. The EU had to practically force Apple’s hand on this one. It’s about time the iPhone got with the times and adopted the universal standard already. The iPhone 15 heralds the end of the Lightning connector Image: KnowTechie Sure, some Apple fans are still making excuses like “Lightning is superior” or “Think of the accessories!” but let’s be real. This switch is long overdue. It’s like Apple finally admitted the Earth is round or discovered that fire is hot. Now, don’t get me wrong–I’m thrilled about USB-C iPhones. The benefits are real–faster charging, higher data transfer speeds, and not having to untangle a rat king of Lightning cables (if you can ever find one). It’s a huge win for consumers who’ve been forced to shell out for overpriced, proprietary Apple cables and accessories for far too long. The savings on cables alone will be huge. But there is one catch I’m already mapping…iPhone 15 with USB-C means you can kiss all your cables goodbye

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