Is Entrepreneurship An Addiction?

A YouTube video and blog post tell a story of interactions with an entrepreneur that start to sound like heroin addiction

In academic work, it seems that entrepreneurship and addiction are related. That entrepreneurs show signs of addictive behavior such as “obsessive thoughts, withdrawal-condensation period, and negative emotion. Similar to the behavior as addictive as gambling or the Internet, serial entrepreneurs may face negative consequences resulting from the urge to continue. The article will be guiding future work that is a matter of people with addictions have to show they can play in terms of the behavior or substance abuse in different areas.”

“Obsession and drive are elements often found in the characters of entrepreneurs. They may even be prerequisites to great success. When a founder of enterprises is successful, the outside world may not be as critical of or even cognizant of the negative side-effects of that type of behavior.” Said Forbes.

“You think you’ve been berated, betrayed, and abandoned. Not just by me, but seemingly by a great many people. Your belief is wrong, but the voice in your head must be loud.

You feel I’m not your friend because I don’t support you. What you view as support is enabling. Your drug of choice is an air castle you’ve built up. You view anything or anyone who doesn’t tell you how beautiful, and real your castle will soon be as attacking you.

A different friend was a heroin addict. For years I paid for his prescription Buprenorphine. I drove him to monthly doctor’s appointments, drug tests, and the pharmacy, all because I wanted him to stay clean. Because of this, he often reacted like I was taking heroin away from him.

Heroin was his favorite thing. For him staying clean meant not having his favorite thing. His is the only reaction I’ve ever seen that comes close to how you react when your air castle’s existence is questioned. Your air castle is a future business success. You want that feeling of hope more than you want to see that dream come true.”

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