Meta Launching AI-Powered Friends to Talk to on Facebook

When was the last time you logged into Facebook? Facebook’s parent company Meta is about to launch AI-powered chatbots that are meant to lure users back to the mammoth social media platform, the Financial Times reports.¬†Further down the road, the company is apparently working on AI agents in its namesake Metaverse as well. In other words, your estranged aunt and lonely grandpa are about to be joined by virtual friends to fill the void you left behind when you quit Facebook and never looked back. According to the report, these chatbots are supposed to be able to chat with the platform’s billions of users in a life-like way, taking on various “personas.” For instance, an Abraham Lincoln AI could teach you about the abolition of slavery, while a travel advisor could tell you about the latest and greatest surfing destinations. But whether that will be enough of a draw for bring people who left Facebook years ago remains to be seen. Young people have long dismissed the almost two-decades-old platform as an irrelevant place for “old people.” Younger generations have long moved on to other platforms like Meta’s Instagram and TikTok. In short, Facebook has been fighting to maintain a sense of relevancy. Yet active users aren’t exactly the most pressing of issues: the company announced last week that it had surpassed a whopping 2.064 billion daily active users, a modest increase over last quarter. Looking at the bigger picture, introducing AI chatbots is likely an attempt to catch up…Meta Launching AI-Powered Friends to Talk to on Facebook

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