Microsoft Patents Bizarre AI-Powered Backpack, Bristling With Sensors

Backpack, Backpack Microsoft is apparently looking to take wearable tech to the next level with a sensor-full, AI-powered backpack patent that would be able to, well, spy on you. First flagged by the MSPowerUser blog, the backpack patent, which was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office last week, includes some very strange specs, including that the would-be wearable may be able to detect user speech and make suggestions Siri-style and also, for some reason, have the ability to record and store audio. As the blog post notes, the as-yet-to-be-named backpack would also potentially have the ability to identify objects around it, give you directions, access the cloud, and talk to other smart devices — because who doesn’t want an artificially intelligent Dora the Explorer-style speaking satchel? If this all has you scratching your head, the newly-approved patent proposal also includes a number of handy-dandy illustrations that showcase some ways the backpack could be used. Among those illustrations: a person skiing while their backpack tells them which direction is out of bounds, and another shows the wearer standing in front of a poster for a $5 Beatles concert, which presumably they can buy tickets for by saying within range of the wearable’s microphones, “Hey, Backpack, buy tickets.” (No word on how the backpack will bring John Lennon and George Harrison back from the dead, or how it will manage to bring tickets down to such a historically affordable price point.) Image via Microsoft. Past Prototypical This is not, of course,…Microsoft Patents Bizarre AI-Powered Backpack, Bristling With Sensors

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